Monday, March 14, 2011

7 Hospitaleros ready to serve!

We had a terrific weekend at Mary's house, training 7 past pilgrims to return to Spain or France to serve as hospitaleros. The weekend followed the same format as other training sessions, with a reception and dinner on Friday evening, featuring tapas and paella and of course, lots of Spanish wine.  Saturday and Sunday started early (especially Sunday due to the change of clocks) and were filled with sharing, discussions and exercises to prepare the new hospitaleros for every possible scenario that they may meet at their albergue. By 3pm on Sunday, everyone was heading home to Powell River, Comox, Courtney, Seattle, Portland, Calgary and Oak Bay.  We do hope that they will all have the opportunity to serve in this or next year.

After the commissioning ceremony, we took time for a photo that included two Victoria hospitaleros, one who served in GraƱon and the other in Corbigny. Their candid comments about their time spent serving the camino were much appreciated.

The next training session to be held in Canada will be in Ontario at the end of May.  Further details will be available in the next month.  If you are interested in returning to the camino to serve as a hospitalero/a, please email and we will notify you of further training sessions.


  1. please notify me for the Ontario training session, as I would like to volunteer this year on the Camino

    thank you

    mike gurski

  2. It truly was a great weekend, packed with useful information, and meeting and sharing with some very lovely people! Thanks to Mary and Tom and Les for hosting and compiling all the material...and most definitely for demonstrating some sumptious recipes and letting us eat them, too.Loved the role-plays!

  3. I really had a great time getting to know all of you and sharing those Camino experiences that only pilgrims seem to "get". It was lovely! I cannot wait to serve!