Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hospitalero Rap Song from Santa and Roslyn

After we hiked the Camino Portuguese and then volunteered out 2 weeks in Najara, we flew to Santa’s sister in South Africa. When we landed in Cape Town SA, and met her sister, we immediately, in the airport, started singing our rapsong, swinging “Najara umbrellas”, with back packs and  hiking boots on, doing prepracticed actions in sync with each other.  Everyone stopped to watch, so fun. Here are the words

The Peregrino Rap

We came a long way

To do this play

Our trip was hard

The leaning played a big part


The walk was sometimes strenuous

For people like us two geniuses

And the “carrot” at the end

Was this new fashion trend

Of boots made for the road

And everything we need in this load


So when you take us to Franshook

You better get used to this look

In Kruger it will be the norm

When we walk like this at dawn


New friends were made the whole time through

Now we are here to stay with you.

We trekked through Portugal and Spain

We even tried to like the rain

Soon toilets and showers became our reality

Any longer and it would be our fatality

What we need now is care and fun

After this whole charade is done


Roslyn and Santa


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