Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Those people who participated in the Halifax hospitalero training are still in the process of applying for postings for this year, but, so far we have 25 people who will be serving in Spain and France in 2015. Laura is just finishing her fortnight in Ponferrada and Robin is about to start his on the 15th in Nàjera. For the up-to-date list, please clink here. For those of you who will be walking the Ruta de la Plata, it looks like we have Salamanca and Zamora covered for most of September and again for the first part of November. Remember to drop in, say hello and take your friendly hospitalero/a out for coffee or a beer!
Please let us know if and when you have a posting and I'll get it up on this site asap.

As Tom said in a recent email, he and I are so lucky to be able to flit around the country to provide the hospitalero training. Besides seeing the various chapters of the CCoP in action, we also enjoy high quality tapas and we meet the most incredible people who are willing to pay lots of money to fly thousands of kilometres, to smile at pilgrims and make them tea.....and more. We continue to thank you all for your commitment and we know that you are appreciated by the Spanish albergues and the pilgrims.

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