Monday, April 25, 2016

30 more hospitaleros trained to serve.....part 1

Tom, Mary and Darlene spent the weekend of April 15-17 in Toronto, training 10 more pilgrims to return to Spain or France as hospitaleros in the coming year or two. Folks came from North Carolina, New Hampshire, Ottawa, Montreal, Pennsylvania and Burlington as well as a few from Toronto. Thanks to Mike for billeting and driving around 5 of our out of towners. The opening night reception at Ingrid's house was truly amazing.
And we actually did get some work done. Lots of discussions and lots of fun as well.
The hospitalero here is having  a challenge deciding whether or not the owner of the restaurant is trying to bribe him with a free meal, or does she just want all the pilgrims to go to her place??

And already, Lizzie who has been posted at the Oficina de Acogida al Peregrino en Santiago from September 16 -30th. 
We will continue to update our posting list as people receive their positions.

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