Friday, September 23, 2016

700 pilgrims leave Roncevalles for Santiago

And this was not just a rumour. Apparently on the 2/3 September weekend, 700 pilgrims set out from Saint Jean Pied de Port, overcrowding Roncevalles to the point of no food or beds, and now these pilgrims are spread along the camino.

This in from Dody in NájeraThis Albergue is full, all 90 beds, including a dog accompanying a girl with a disability. Apparently all in Najera are booked. So I guess the Camino is busy although I didn't have any problems on my way from St.Jean last week.

And from Linda in EstellaHola amigos!

This is Linda in Estella. We have been very busy here with a few nice breaks to nap! 

I am celebrating  Estella which I missed on my own Camino - a beautiful historic city. And I am loving all the pilgrims coming to stay with us.

And an update from Jeannie and Calvin in Villalcázar de Sirga:

Well Moises and Oscar both came round last night and it was good that they did empty the donation boxes because there was an avalanche of money!! They hadn't emptied it since July so there were probably several thousand euros there!! Both of us feel much better now that they have emptied the boxes. They didn't have the key for the box that you put euros in for hot water so I think they are coming back today. 
Today we went for a walk to the hermitage a few kilometers away and Oscar's father and Moises uncle were there! We wouldn't have known that except I asked to take a picture of the two men there and then when I said we were hospitaleros they put things together and said that Oscar and Moises had told them they had been talking with us yesterday. It's lovely to start fitting family connections together. 

Thanks so much for your help!

We leave Oct 1 st and they don't have anyone coming for the last two weeks. I told Moises and Oscar that I would ask you two if there was anyone who would want to come for the next two weeks.

The sunsets are fabulous, but when I showed the photos below to Oscar he shrugged and said every day in Sept is like this!

Calvin and Jeannie


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