Monday, January 13, 2020

Training offered in Calgary in April 2020

In preparation for helping out in Spain for the Holy Year 2021, we are training more volunteers. 

Calgary will host another Hospitalero Training Course on April 24 - 25 - 26, 2020. So, if you are interested in volunteering on the Camino de Santiago, this course is for you! It is comprehensive and fun and it is required by the Spanish Federation of the Friends of the Camino to be placed as a volunteer in their hostels.  Criteria for course acceptance are that you must already have been a pilgrim and stayed in volunteer run hostels supported by donations.

To enhance the learning experience, registration is limited to 16 people. 
If you do not live in Calgary you can be billeted by former pilgrims in their home. 
Complete the registration form and don't miss out!
Monique Rigole 
Course Coordinator 

                                      Calgary Chapter, Canadian Company of Pilgrims
                          Hospitalero Training
                            April 24 - 25 - 26 2020 Calgary

If you have walked a camino and are interested volunteering as a hospitalero in a pilgrim’s hostel, this course is for you! Please complete this registration form and return it with a cheque made payable to Calgary Chapter, Canadian Company of Pilgrims in the amount of $125.00 by April 15, 2020. Unfortunately e-transfers can not be made therefore, mail your cheque to Monique Rigole #306, 4 Hemlock Crescent SW Calgary AB T3C 2Z1 (or, e-mail the registration form to Monique and mail the cheque separately). 
We promise a weekend of fun, learning and, reinforcement of all those good things you valued and felt on the Camino. Participation is limited to 16, don’t miss out by being late!
Training begins on the Friday evening with a Spanish dinner and ends on Sunday at 4pm.



Telephone:                                                      email:

If you do not come from Calgary do you require billeting Friday and Saturday? 

If you are from Calgary, could you provide billeting Friday and Saturday, for out of town participants?                                                   If yes, for how many?

Are there any food restrictions we should be aware of?

Which Camino(s) did you walk/cycle and when? (Month and year)

Did you stay at Municipal or parochial albergues? 

Why do you want to be a hospitalero/a?

Are you prepared to volunteer for 15 days in 2020 or 2021? 

As soon as your registration and payment are received, you will receive confirmation that you are registered. In early April, participants will receive a detailed training schedule, addresses of training venues and a pre-course assignment which you will bring to the course. 
Contact me with any other course questions. 
Meanwhile, the training team is looking forward to seeing you.
Monique Rigole
Hospitalero Training Coordinator, Calgary

Calgary, April 2019

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