Wednesday, April 1, 2020

All future trainings are cancelled

Hi all,
This will come as no surprise to anyone when I write that all planned hospitalero training sessions must be cancelled. Saskatoon and Kelowna were going to happen this spring, but nothing will be planned until the all clear is given concerning the COVID-19 virus. We all hope that we have an all clear in this country so that we can continue with training in Halifax in October.

For those of you who are unaware, the Camino, and that includes all routes in France and Spain, is closed. The albergues in Spain are closed as are the hotels, hostels. Everything. One or two albergues stayed open for a week after everyone else closed, so that they could help pilgrims return to their homes. These albergues have now also closed.

There were many of you who had flights booked to go to Spain and France to serve in albergues. We know you must be so disappointed, as are the many pilgrims who had planned to walk and stay with you.  We thank you for your intention and do hope that all of you will be able to serve next year if that is still your wish and the Camino is open. Spain is in a terrible state right now and we pray that soon, with the lockdown they have imposed, that they will be able to flatten the curve.

Please stay at home. Please stay safe.

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