Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Video of hospitaleros Zoom meeting and further updates

It's been awhile since there has been anything posted on this blog because there has not been anything to post. However, now that Spain and France are opening up again and pilgrims are walking the Camino, hospitaleros are needed. If you are itching to go and serve, please contact Tom or Mary

We had about 55 people attend the two Zoom meetings on the weekend and the discussion was lively. We were very lucky to have Rebekah Scott sit in on both meetings and Guibert Fortin and Herman Velvis (from the Netherlands) attended as well. Guibert has served in Zamora in June see below for their protocols for both pilgrims and hospitaleros), and will be at the Pilgrim Office in Santiago in August. He had some interesting things to say about specific Covid procedures. Herman also had some very useful tips for all prospective hospitaleros and these are all on the video. Please click here to see the video. The passcode is: J3SYFuD!

We talked about the the various organizations who are providing hospitaleros for albergues on the Camino. Many of you know of HOSVOL and our contact that is Anai Barreda. We will be posting an updated list of albergues as soon as it's available. Meanwhile, we have the general protocols from Hosvol and also the specific protocols for the albergue in Zamora, which is multilingual. These are all at the bottom of this page.

Another organization is ACC, Acogida Cristiana en los caminos de Santiago, which accepts volunteers to work at the Pilgrim office in Santiago de Compostela. We've had a number of volunteers work there and it's hard work, but the stories are wonderful.

The Confraternity of Saint James in London, UK, posts volunteers to Albergue Guacelmo in Rabanal del Camino and the Albergue de Peregrinos in Miraz on the Camino del Norte. These two albergues will remain closed for the season and they plan to reopen April 2022.

Rebekah Scott is on the board of the FICS (Fraternidad Internacional del Camino de Santiago) and they are now renovating and finding volunteers for 3 albergues: Grado on the Camino Primitivo; Canfranc on the Camino Aragones; and Nájera on the Camino Francés. Grado is staffed for the season, but volunteers are still needed for Canfranc and Nájera. Any queries can be sent directly to Rebekah.

The FFACC Fédération Française des Associations des Chemins de Saint Jacques de Compostelle has now centralized all hospitalero matters with one person, Gilbert Planchat Any interest that you have in serving in France should be directed to him.

Protocols for pilgrims arriving at the albergue in Zamora.

Protocols for hospitaleros serving at the albergue in Zamora.

HOSVOL Protocols for hospitaleros & Pilgrims

HOSVOL Protocols for the albergue


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