Saturday, February 10, 2024

Hospitaler@ News Spring 2024

Last year well over 40 postings were attended by Canadian trained hospitaler@s. We posted the first name and location of those we knew about and are aware that other experienced hospitaler@s went back to serve in Spain, France, Portugal or Italy. 

As of this writing there are over 30 “destinos” which will be attended to by Canadian hospitaler@s in 2024. If you are serving this year, can you please contact Mary Virtue (maryvirtue(at) or Tom (tomfriesen50(at) We will put your first name, location and dates on this blog. This may aid in knowing who is serving at the same time. Some hospitaler@s have managed to meet, debrief or support each other in this way. 

Last year we designed a t-shirt to be given to hospitaler@s. It is available free of charge to those who will serve or have served. Contact Tom if you would like one. Please give me your size and the address to mail it to.

We offered a hospitaler@ training in Gatineau in mid-January and were gratified that more than half of the participants have already been assigned a hospitaler@ posting. There are more training courses planned for Fredericton, Kelowna and London. Follow this space for notice and to register. To receive an application to register, please contact Mary or Tom.

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